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A Digital Primate

Planning for the Upcoming Fiscal Year

I created a shirt aimed at the Hokie community. It was a design that combined Fuente (Virginia Tech’s new coach) with Enter Sandman (the song that the Virginia Tech football team comes out to). I thought that the shirt was going to be my breakthrough. I guess in a way... read more

On My Own Time, On My Own Dime

On my own time, on my own dime: I finished “Born for This” by Chris today. The book exposed me to the story of Benny Hsu who made over $100k in half a year selling t-shirts. The key was that Benny was using Facebook advertising to promote his designs. What I loved... read more

Promoting Content

Free Trial Help Sessions Our sales manager recommended having a live session with one of our engineers where people who signed up for a free trial could ask questions or get live help. I think this is a great idea and could be a great way to get feedback on how we can... read more

Content Ideas + Repurposing my Domains

Business Objectives I got the registrants for our upcoming webinar to 109 registrants. This is the most that I’ve gotten so far and I’m making steady progress to getting more than 150 registrants which would be a new high. I want to make sure that for this webinar we... read more

The Journey of a Young Marketer

I was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk talking about documenting instead of creating. I’m going to document my thoughts and the process of working with Structural Design and Analysis to market their engineering analysis software. The first action that I took was editing... read more

Fail Fast

In my entrepreneurship class, we learned the concept of failing fast. When you are coming out with a new business idea, you want to try and validate that process at soon as possible. If people like it, great! If people don’t like it, then you know it won’t... read more

People Like Us Do Things Like This

I am a late-comer to the brilliance of Seth Godin. Here are the points of his Inbound Keynote from 2015 that stood out to me. “People Like Us Do Things Like This” “When someone in LA is thinking about joining the Cripps or Bloods, they don’t... read more

The New Entertainers Are Here

Today is Social Media Theory the class watched and live tweeted the documentary “Generation Like”. The documentary discusses how many activities in today’s world are based upon whether or not they will garner engagement on social media. Here are some... read more

Lighting up Social Media on Black Friday

A trend to watch out for in the upcoming week is the use of social media by brands for their Black Friday promotions. This article by iMedia Connection has a table that shows how tweets about Black Friday – the week of – have grown from 1.1M to 6.8M in... read more