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For our social media class we have an ongoing Twitter assignment. The assignment includes links to blog posts, tweeting links to industry related content, and having conversations with classmates.

When we first received the assignment, I put my personal Twitter handle because I thought it would be great to have 30 some new followers. However I decided to create a new account so that my posts would not be littered with class posts. It turns out that creating a separate account was a great decision, but probably not for the reasons you are thinking.

One part of our assignment was to follow accounts that are relevant to social media and our career field. I have followed some great people in the industry of consumer behavior, social media, and marketing such as Gary Vaynerchuk and companies such as TrackMaven. Whereas before my newsfeed was filled with random thoughts from my friends or updates about sports, my new account is filled with industry insights and terrific whitepapers.

I am currently interning for an entrepreneur in the area. She deals with business to business (B2B) clients. Creating content for her company has been very different from the content that I have created before for personal use. Following the accounts on Twitter has helped me find vast fields of information about how to strategically write, distribute, and measure the content.

Compounding on all the learning is the posts and links shared by my classmates about emerging trends in social media. It is awesome to have a feed where you get exposed to so much information that is relevant to you, but also useful and practical.

I have written before about the importance of staying up to date in your industry, but how do you do that? I believe that using social media such as Twitter, and putting yourself in an ecosystem of knowledge is the best way to have access to the information you need.

I might have originally created a separate account to spare my followers, but I can know honestly say that I am now more enthusiastic about checking my professional feed.