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This week in Social Media Theory & Practice we looked at the use of visuals in social media. To learn how visuals were currently being used, we were assigned brands and encouraged to evaluate their Instagram and Pinterest pages. Our group was assigned with GoPro. I think we were lucky to get this company because I personally thought they were doing a fantastic job with their social media.


1. User Engagement


The majority of the content that is displayed on GoPro’s Instagram page is user generated.

They take pictures that people tag GoPro in and do images and videos of the week. This is a great way to get users to share their experiences with not just fellow “GoProers” but also shows their friends and followers the images and experiences they are having with their device. Word of mouth sells better than any advertising message so GoPro is doing an excellent job of using Instagram as a marketing resource.

2. Promoting a Lifestyle

GoPro knows that their users are generally active, adventurous, and outdoors.

They do a great job of finding user content that fits this message. Whether it is hiking, biking, being shot up in the air, or chilling in a hammock suspended thousands of feet in the air, GoPro shares content that is enjoyed by their target audience. Even users that don’t own a GoPro can appreciate the HD quality images and amazing adventures people are having. One day if you go on an adventure of your own, won’t you want to share it with a GoPro image?

3. Showing Product Benefits

It is one thing to tell a customer the features of your product. It’s another to show them.

GoPro displays how creative you can get with their products. Want to see a race from the POV of a participating car? You can attach the GoPro to the outside of the car and race away. Likewise for attaching a camera to the rim of a basketball hoop and putting on a dunk clinic. How about selling the POV of the inside of your mouth during a dentist visit? These images are spectacular to look at, but they also spark creativity in the mind of the viewer to the possibilities of using the camera.

Overall I think GoPro does exactly what a brand should do on social media. It connects with its target audience, entertains, does not outwardly sell to its users, but still encourages users to buy their product.

Well done GoPro.