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Business Objectives

I got the registrants for our upcoming webinar to 109 registrants. This is the most that I’ve gotten so far and I’m making steady progress to getting more than 150 registrants which would be a new high. I want to make sure that for this webinar we send out a reminder email 15 minutes before to see if I can increase the number of registrants who become attendees.

I emailed 2 people in a target company to see if there was anything we could help them with. I am worried about emailing each member because I don’t want it to seem pushy but I could just make it an email to every registrant seeing if there is something they’d like to really get out of it.

One idea is to ask them that as a part of the follow up email.

I want to get in the habit of asking more. This will require finding ways to engage the audience. I started researching forums and reddit to find common questions and issues that arise.

I think it’s time to finally implement Brian Dean’s skyscraper technique. I am going to create an ultimate guide/tutorial page for FEMAP. FEMAP tutorial gets above 100 views per month which is the second highest search result I’ve seen to femap by itself.

I’m going to compile all the videos and tutorials written across the web into one page. It will include videos made by the other resellers, but being aggregated on our site should make all the difference.

Lastly, I want to email the people who have signed up for our free trials before and did not end up buying the software. I want to see what their level of knowledge with FEMAP and FEA is and what can be done to improve their free trial experience.

Distributing the content

I also want to experiment with the content distribution. I was reading a LinkedIn article today that started the blog off by linking to a previous post from the “series”. I want to try this with the Advanced Nonlinear post that I made. I will post the second part of the series to the Siemens PLM Community and it should get traffic going back to the NEW WEBSITE COMING OUT TOMORROW!

My personal website

When I made this website it was created as a portfolio. That made sense since at the time I was applying for jobs and I wanted a place to display my “potential” and have something more than just a paper resume.

Now I want it to find me some freelance work. I have freelanced before and I have sold products before. It is strange to me that I haven’t doubled down on these things and made a sustainable side hustle from it. I’m going to try and invest more in myself and make this website a vehicle to get more work for myself.