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Youtube has unveiled a new feature on select videos that makes the videos shoppable.

You can see an example in this video put out by Levi’s:


The feature leaves a little column at the side of the video that displays clickable images of the items that are being displayed in the video. Features like this are important because of new studies on the habits of consumers. Google tweeted these two infographics on one of their affiliate accounts:


As you can see, people are doing more research on products with the vast amount of information and product reviews on the internet. The unveiling of the product opens the door to many possibilities. Companies can now post their commercials to Youtube and direct customers straight to the product. They could possibly add this functionality to mobile and make use of the blank space. When you have are watching a youtube video and have your phone vertically, there is a lot of black space left above and below the video. Imagine the products in the commercial showing up in that space.

I definitely expect this feature to be used in music videos. With all the shameless product placement in today’s music videos, it’s only a matter of time where you are watching a video and there are links on the side for the clothes, headphones, vodka, and energy drinks featured in the video.

This is a powerful platform for companies and for the sake of our class, I’m hoping some companies get creative with it!