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I was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk talking about documenting instead of creating. I’m going to document my thoughts and the process of working with Structural Design and Analysis to market their engineering analysis software.

The first action that I took was editing the website. I wanted to update the design to be easier to read, have a more intuitive interface, and be optimized to collect leads. It was hard to reach critical functions such as the support portal, training, and webinars.

One things that SDA was doing a great job of when I came onboard was creating content through webinars. The engineers on staff are very knowledgeable and the webinar topics were hitting topics that weren’t widely addressed, drawing lots of interest.

I want to maximize the use of these webinars as mechanisms to draw people into the sales funnel. We have an upcoming webinar on aeroelasticity: a popular topic in the field that has not been addressed very much.

An article on SumoMe by Benji talked about having direct conversions on the website instead of nurturing leads. I feel that this is applicable to our scenario because there is only so much information and depth that you can put on a website. At some point they need to talk to someone about the possible solutions and how it will help their business.

My plan is to create blog posts and pages for aeroelasticity to create interest for the webinar and then to lead people to a case study of sorts that shows them the capabilities.


  1. We create a short blog post covering the fundamentals of aeroelasticity and some of the functionality and add a teaser/call to action at the end trying to get them to sign up for the webinar.

(I think that the “first webinar invite” should be a description and link to the blog post with a P.S. to the webinar link. similar to how Ramit does it)

  1. We create an article for after the webinar based on a real case study. Maybe use a project/example from the webinar attendees and share the complete process. Then have a pop-up on that page that asks for name, email, and phone number so Marty can get in contact with them.
  2. Host the webinar and send the link to Step 2 to the attendees and absentees.

Another thing I want to think about is what questions to ask during the webinar.

I would like to ideally send out an email to people the regularly open our Mailchimp campaigns to ask them what they are interested in learning about and hopefully segment the users further. I will look to the Grow and Convert series on customer interviews to do that.