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Monitor Monkey Marketing.

I feel like back when I was trying to make the Mm logo I tried to think of something the third M could stand for and I feel like this is it.

Aswin T John will be my personal page to remain as a portfolio and resume and personal blog. I can use monitormonkey.com as a marketing agency and use it to promote my design abilities and marketing consulting.

I should probably hold back on the marketing consulting for now and do some pro-bono work to start (like Lyn’s cupcakes) but I can definitely create a page for web design and logo design.

The New SDA website is up

I’m going to bring my laptop into work so I can make edits to the website so it can look good on a small screen as well.

Actionable ideas I want to execute:

  1. I got a lot of great ideas for the FEMAP page by looking at Salesforce Pardot’s website. Basically, the Femap page is going to become its own little microsite with individual resources and pricing pages and an ROI calculator. I think by combining the guides I’m going to make with those great landing pages, SDA can finally become THE Femap people.
  2. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to start converting more on the webinars that SDA does. I want to create content and call to actions that relate to the webinar and get people engaged after the webinar is over.

But after reading a great ebook by Unbounce and Zapier on webinars, I realized that one thing I could do immediately was to try and move the registration page to a landing page on our website. This would allow us to do a few things:

  • create a confirmation page that has more call to actions on it (such as a femap free trial)

There are a few things keeping me from trying this method. 1. I would have to have a premium account on zapier. 2. gotowebinar autofills all the information so there doesn’t seem to be too much friction. 3. I wouldn’t be able to track the source as easy.

If I could find a way to make the confirmation page more substantial in the current way, or to carry all the above mentioned benefits to a landing page setup I would find what I need to have…

Making connections

I have found myself being more comfortable with reaching out to professionals who I think I can learn from. I definitely learned at the end of the school year how most professionals are super generous when it comes to talking to people who want to learn.

I took advantage in school to be able to pick people’s brains, mostly for school projects, but now I hope to be able to contribute something to those people as well.