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On my own time, on my own dime:

I finished “Born for This” by Chris today. The book exposed me to the story of Benny Hsu who made over $100k in half a year selling t-shirts. The key was that Benny was using Facebook advertising to promote his designs.

What I loved about his story was that it wasn’t an overnight success. Benny was methodical and ran $10 experiments to see if his ad was performing or not. He eventually learned what worked and what didn’t and turned it into a profitable business.

I wrote recently that I wanted to find a way to invest more into the sales that I have already made from t-shirts, to posters, to logos. My first experiment is going to be trying to sell more of my existing t-shirt designs.

The benefits of this is two-fold:

  1. I’ll sell more t-shirts and (hopefully) make more money than I spend on ads
  2. I will learn the process of using Facebook and Instagram ads.

The second point is particularly important to me because advertising and analytics are two aspects of digital marketing that I am not very proficient in yet. Trying out these advertisements will give me exposure to how the costs work and how to target the right customers.

I’m also going to try and get a book from the library or find more literature online about using Google Analytics. I want to learn how to properly track goals and events.

Thinking of my ideal customers, they are probably people who either don’t have any analytics at all, or have it set up but never look at it. Those people don’t want to worry about the analytics but they want proof that their website is doing something. Therefore this is a critical skill for me to learn. If I can get the analytics set up properly, then I can set up an automated system that they can check the progress on and continue to contribute to in terms of content.


I’ve been contributing my day to day activities on my blog, but I don’t think I am going about it in the right way currently. I am just spewing my stream of conscious and not really doing anything with the action steps that I have written out.

To remedy this, I want to make a page on my website that is a variable kanban board, showing what I want to do, what I’m doing, and what I’ve done. I thought about just using a website like trello and sharing it publicly, but I think that having it on the website will require more effort for me to go through the process, and I can link each task to the correlating blog post.

At the end, I will have a list of things that I have done which might be the most valuable asset of all.


Since the last update I increased the record of registrants for a webinar to 163 and the number of live attendees to 72. It was a great turnout and I look forward to getting information from Marty soon about the number of new leads.

Speaking of Marty, he will be coming into the office in a week and I look forward to looking through our database to see potential leads that we can start sending personalized material to.

I still need to figure out the role of a nurture process and automation in the marketing. However if I want to hit my goal of increasing the company’s sales to $400,000 I need to figure out how to actually turn the leads that we already have into customers.

We got more marketing development funds today so tomorrow I will be spending time creating Facebook advertisements to promote the Femap Symposium on October 11th. We currently only have 9 or 10 prospects signed up, and I near 30 people overall. I believe the hall can fit 60 people so I really want to give the promotion a push.

Lastly, today I had Ben (who hosted the Aeroelasticity webinar) post a follow-up article to LinkedIn. I can check the analytics tomorrow to see how many people were sent to the website or webinar from his post. I also want to ask him to show the analytics for the post itself. A big experiment opportunity is coming up when I can get Ben to write an article about the Excel document he used during the webinar.

I want to be able to ask people to share that article and I want to content-gate the Excel document to capture leads. Big question: what stage are those people watching Aeroelastcity at? Just seeing the functionality or seeing if the analysis is necessary for their projects?


  • Create a facebook ad for the symposium
    • Target people interested in FEA, aerodynamics, flutter, nastran, patran, and more in areas surrounding FL. Georgia, Alabama, Carolinas, and more

Personal Notes: I’ve launched my first few Facebook advertising campaigns. So far I’ve spent close to $13 on 4 campaigns with not a single purchase yet. I am launching another campaign at 7AM which I hope will perform better. I haven’t really been taking my time yet in creating the ads or understanding Facebook advertising. Through the tshirt ads and the new ads at work, I should be able to get a better understanding.