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A Digital Primate

Hitting the Bullseye on Organizational Tweeting

I recently did a group project conducting a social media audit for Twitter. I was responsible for analyzing their Twitter page. After conducting my own research and then seeing my classmates’ presentations on other brands, I wanted to heap some more praise on... read more

140 Characters and More

For our social media class we have an ongoing Twitter assignment. The assignment includes links to blog posts, tweeting links to industry related content, and having conversations with classmates. When we first received the assignment, I put my personal Twitter handle... read more

Fantasy Fool-ball

So I have a fantasy football team. Actually I have two. There has to be research done on why fantasy sports is so addictive. I spend most of my time focusing on the league that has a $50 buy in. Last year, I won second place in this league and won $150. That means... read more

Children and Digital Media

On Wednesday October 7th, Dr. Amy Jordan came to Virginia Tech to speak about digital media and its influence and role in the lives of children today.  Dr. Jordan first brought up how throughout time, new media and innovations have been seen as harmful or the thing... read more

From Youtube to the Cart

Youtube has unveiled a new feature on select videos that makes the videos shoppable. You can see an example in this video put out by Levi’s:   The feature leaves a little column at the side of the video that displays clickable images of the items that are... read more

Admiring GoPro’s Instagram

This week in Social Media Theory & Practice we looked at the use of visuals in social media. To learn how visuals were currently being used, we were assigned brands and encouraged to evaluate their Instagram and Pinterest pages. Our group was assigned with GoPro.... read more

Facebook’s Signal: Contender or Pretender?

Facebook has unveiled a new product called Signal. The product is the latest development in Facebook’s attempt to compete with Twitter, specifically for use by journalists. They hope that the possibility of reaching Facebook’s 1.5 billion users will draw... read more

Telling Your Story

This week we talked about storytelling and how to tell your story in terms of your personal branding. I wanted to share my thoughts on a few of the TED talks that were shared on Scholar: Joe Sabia “The Technology of Storytelling”: What stood out to me in... read more

Personal Branding

Business Horizons is in less than two weeks! A lot of the classes I am taking this semester have aspects of personal branding such as creating a website and blog for Social Media Theory, and getting my resume perfected in Management Internships. This journey of... read more