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I am a late-comer to the brilliance of Seth Godin. Here are the points of his Inbound Keynote from 2015 that stood out to me.

“People Like Us Do Things Like This”

“When someone in LA is thinking about joining the Cripps or Bloods, they don’t ask ‘Do you have any brochures?'”

We are the product of our environment. But we can also choose whether to be in that environment.

Marketing in 2016, particularly digital marketing, is all about the things you HAVE to do. You HAVE to do social media, you HAVE to be doing PPC, you HAVE to improve SEO ranking.

It’s important to step back and ask “why?”. Is it reaching the audience that I want to reach? Is that where my audience’s attention is? Am I creating value? (or are you just trying to reach a number)

Where Seth really stood out to me was when he said that those numbers are not what matters. We hear this all the time about how engagement and reach don’t really matter.

But what about becoming the #1 blog? What about getting the #1 search rank?

I know in my current position, these are some of the objectives that seem ideal in my head.

But the real thing to determine is whether you are helping someone.