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I created a shirt aimed at the Hokie community. It was a design that combined Fuente (Virginia Tech’s new coach) with Enter Sandman (the song that the Virginia Tech football team comes out to). I thought that the shirt was going to be my breakthrough. I guess in a way it was because it was the first shirt that I got to sell on Teespring. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to tip the campaign, despite spending $40.47 on four campaigns for the shirt.

I tried segmenting based on gender and I created an ad to promote on the Saturday that Virginia Tech was playing in Blacksburg. I still haven’t discovered an ad strategy that has worked. I have been struggling with finding out how to properly test and segment audiences.

I want to continue putting my content on TeePublic for now until I can get some work done on my personal blog and starting Earn1K.

In terms of work, I think it’s finally time that I created a proper marketing plan. I have read many things, I think most recently from Noah Kagan about creating a singular goal to focus on. If the things that you’re doing don’t align to that goal then it’s not worth doing.

That’s especially important for me right now since it’s easy for me to waste time at work doing tasks that will not make a huge impact on the bottom line. So let’s create a marketing plan!

What is the bottom line? I want to get Structural Design and Analysis to $300,000 in sales for 2017. To do this I think we’re going to have to start selling a bit more NX CAE.

This goal is more difficult than just reaching a certain acquisition number. I want to increase the number of people coming to our website, but I first want to start converting higher on the people that we currently have in our funnel.

We are currently hovering around a thousand monthly visitors, I need to look up the percentage that is in America (the only place that we can sell). I think if we get to 2000 monthly visitors, we would be able to increase our sales to $180,000. I need to create a baseline of the conversion rate that we currently have based on the 1000 visitors. To do that I want to sit down with our Sales Manager and find out where the sales we got this year were from.

  • How long were we talking to them before they converted?
  • How did we first get the lead?
  • What kind of conversations did we have with them?


  • Create a list of the customers that we sold to this year. Find out where we found that lead. Find out the conversations that Marty had with them and how long it took them to convert.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

I’ve been compiling my thoughts in this document for a while. I need to find a way to properly organize and distribute my thoughts. I’m going to start posting a monthly review of what I accomplished and am planning on for the upcoming month. This is a perfect time to do this since it’s the end of September, and coincidently, the end of the Siemen’s fiscal year. My journey to 300,000 in sales begins now!

I want to publish these posts to LinkedIn, finally allowing me to get the word out and hopefully push people to my site. I’m having a debate within my head right now about whether I want to start collecting emails. I was thinking that there would be no point since I have nothing to share, but I think it would be awesome to just promote it as a way for me to get in contact with people.

I can ask for their twitter names, LinkedIn connections, Instagrams, anything. I just want to start building a community so I guess it’s never too early to start.

I’ve started building the Femap Tutorials page that I think will draw at least 50 more people per month to our website. It is a lot of work (I now see what people mean when they say great content takes 10-20 hours) but luckily I have been able to find helpful resources on the Siemens site and in the Femap documentation.

One of our customers asked for a document that had links for all the webinars we had hosted in the past. I created this document for him and thought it was a great piece of content to distribute to our mailing list. It gives people an opportunity to watch webinars they have missed or didn’t know existed, while being in one convenient place. On SDA’s end, we get to see what webinars people sign up for and hopefully they share it with their friends and we get more leads.

SIDE NOTE: While I’m going through the Earn1K course, the idea that stands out to me is creating websites for engineering companies (I’ve came across some in my work for SDA that make me cringe). The thing is I don’t think many engineers care about having a fancy website. I have to find what they actually care about and how I can deliver that message of value to them.

I want to talk to Jim about what it was that made him want to improve the website. It’s definitely further than design so I’d like to find out what value he sought in building a new website.