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Free Trial Help Sessions

Our sales manager recommended having a live session with one of our engineers where people who signed up for a free trial could ask questions or get live help. I think this is a great idea and could be a great way to get feedback on how we can maximize free trials.

It would help us find out what types of people are downloading the free trial. Are they just playing around, trying to complete a new project, or are they students doing a class project? Maybe they are all of the above, but what can we add or give them that would make the trial period more useful and encourage them to buy the real thing from us.

Those sessions could also be recorded and then cut to be used as promotional tutorials or demos that I could put on the website.

PLM Community Promotion

Since the site launched, our advanced nonlinear blog post was put up. I then took the second part of the advanced nonlinear blog post and published it on the Siemens PLM blog. Al was kind enough to also promote it on FB and LinkedIn. The awesome thing about pushing content to the Siemens page is that they can share that information and, in a way, promote us.

I want to make as much use of that platform as possible, but I want to make sure that anything we’re posting has a means of coming back to SDA and the website.

The next piece of content I push there will likely be Ben’s introductory Aeroelasticity blog post.

Pros: People want to hear about aeroelasticity and especially on the community forums. There will be a lot of views to that article and we can have them register to our webinar at the end via CTA.

Cons: That valuable aeroelasticity content will be on the Siemens site and not SDAs. It normally wouldn’t matter but aeroelasticity is a valuable keyword.

To remedy that, I could just make a high-value aeroelasticity page after the webinar is over and incorporate ideas from the community article, plus go more in depth.  Skyscrapering content that I wrote myself.

I’m excited to see hits to the website based on the community article!