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This week we talked about storytelling and how to tell your story in terms of your personal branding.

I wanted to share my thoughts on a few of the TED talks that were shared on Scholar:

Joe Sabia “The Technology of Storytelling”:

What stood out to me in this TED talk was how he presented social media and new platforms as ways of telling stories. This helped me see the ways that social media could be used to tell the story or build a brand’s identity. Stories can be told different ways on different platforms. Snapstories can be used to put together images and short clips to detail an event. People can follow the “story” of your vacation through posts and images on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The way we used Storify to tell the Hokie Story shows how social media is a new medium of sharing information in a fun and creative way. It reminds me of lessons by Gary Vaynerchuk about how content has best conversion when it is native to the platform. Most of our generation is using social media in some way, so we must be able to adapt our messages and stories to be natural and native to the new mediums.

Andrew Stanton “The Clues to a Great Story”

I loved what Andrew said about how you must always know the end message or punchline that you want to get to. He gave the example of how in the short term people were always worried about Dory’s short term memory, but the overall conflict was if they would ever find Nemo. This can be seen as a parallel to brand story telling and how you can post different videos, photos, links, and stories, but they should all be getting to a consistent overall message.