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Infographics & Flyers


Displays all the information necessary. Makes use of spacing and colors to distinguish between text.

Icon Design

Use of icons and graphics to visualize the information presented.




Slides demonstrate an ability to take concepts and present them in concise bullet points and graphics.


Each presentation’s design is adapted to the brand for which it was made. Wicked Taco has fun colors while Comtech has a professional background with color used strategically.

UI & Mobile Design

Mobile Responsive Design

Webpages are created using mobile friendly Wordpress themes.

User Interface

Designs are put together with the user in mind. For the game design, tests were done to make sure all functionality was available within three clicks of the home screen.

Social Media Design


The content created is intended to utilize the unique advantages of each platform. Great visuals for Instagram and more information on Facebook.

Goal Oriented

The Facebook cover photos are intended to provide information for the respective events. The Instagram photos are intended to show the products and brand lifestyle. Each platform is used strategically.